How to stop feeling depressed | 5 things to consider first

Considering how common depression is and how many of us suffer from it, I know that we all wonder how we can stop feeling so depressed when we find ourselves stuck in depression. Here are some things to consider before going deeper into searching for that answer.

Perfectionism and obsession

Do you find yourself asking “Jeez, I’m so depressed all the time. How can I just not feel this way?”. While it is normal to feel this way when you have depression, it could be troublesome if you find yourself constantly obsessing with this question in your mind 24/7. Because this obsession creates not only frustration and worsened mood, it can also implement the idea that it is “wrong” to feel depressed. Therefore, you are essentially telling yourself to not feel an emotion that is natural and one must remember the importance of our need to validate our emotions. Being overly critical of ourselves often does not do good for ourselves but it will result in feeling shame and worsened depression. Watch out for this obsession trap when you find yourself stuck in depression.Β  How to stop feeling depressed

Mind, body, and soul

Instead of focusing so much on feeling depressed mentally, it can be very helpful to do an inventory of your whole physical body. We all know that our mind, body, and soul are connected. Starting with your body, try checking for any part of your body that might be sending out a signal for attention, which manifested as depression. Things to take in consideration when doing an inventory include:

  • Quality of sleep you are getting
  • Foods you consume daily
  • Home and work environment
  • Stress levels
  • Any pain in your body that you might be neglecting
  • Life events that are affecting you deeply at this time
  • Relationships with your friends and family

Is Depression bad?

We tend to categorize emotions as either good and bad. And when it comes to emotions such as depression, we are quick to think that it is a bad emotion and we must do something to not feel this way. As we all know, there are several types of emotions ranging from happiness to sadness. However, we must remember that all those emotions are just emotions. The idea of good and bad was made by us. By recognizing that depression is one of the emotions we feel and it is not “bad”, we can learn to embrace depression more tenderly. When we do that, we no longer fight depression and instead we can tolerate it with more ease. Understanding how our perception creates extra suffering can offer immense relief and it is very helpful when dealing with depression.

Shifting focus

Just like a plant, depression thrives on attention and food. If you are stuck feeling depressed, chances are you have been giving lots of attention and nurturing to depression. It is time to shift the focus from depression to happiness and joy. Allow yourself to stop obsessing with “How can I stop feeling so depressed?” and shift to “What will make myself happy right now?”. When you allow yourself to commit to being happy right this moment and this moment only, you find that you can accomplish so much. Try to stay focused as your mind might distract you with a thought such as “But I know I will feel depressed tomorrow and the day after tomorrow because that’s how it’s been.”.Β Β  How to stop feeling depressed


By now, you realize that we don’t have to punish ourselves for feeling depressed. What a relief, isn’t it? By not obsessing with trying to not feel depressed, so much pressure is already off you and you can finally relax. It is okay to feel how you feel. Validation creates room for more tolerance and kindness towards ourselves and cultivates our desire to want to understand more about ourselves. That’s exactly where healing begins. Then, we can finally learn to take care of our depression with tenderness and care instead of fighting it or forcefully covering it up with things such as substance abuses.

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  1. Thank you so much for a great read. To be honest, I do associate depression as a bad feeling whenever I feel it. I also realized that we tend to associate depression with negative memories and thoughts, something that can have detrimental effect to our well being.

    Maybe there is some biological explanation about that but now that you have mentioned that, we should accept depression as a natural feeling and not to worry so much about it. I also have discovered that I tend to have great ideas when I am depressed, maybe that’s the one positive thing I get from depression so maybe I should obsess so much and punish myself for feeling depressed.

    Thank you once again for an informative article.

    1. Palm,

      I’m glad you found the article informative. I hope it helped you somewhat in dealing with your depression. I do believe that there are scientific explanations and depression can be chronic and persistent. Clinical depression can be so severe and at that point I do recommend getting professional help instead of taking things all by yourself. However, this article was created in hopes of offering some insights before it got to that level and I hope that it can offer some comfort and relief to those who read.

  2. Wow, that’s absolutely true. Feeling depressed must be intervened before any psychological chaos sets in. Negative thoughts or memories tend to thwart one’s strength and energy.

    Quality of food and good sleep are, indeed, vital to the body, mind, and soul.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    All the best.

    1. Phomrong,

      Yes you said it right there. The key is to care for our depression before it becomes worse with our repetitive habits πŸ™‚

  3. Ivan Brozincevic

    Hi Blue!

    Thank you for a beautiful article!

    When speaking about depression, people usually try to treat the effect, and they overlook the cause.

    It starts as a constant repetition of one single negative thought which germinates inside of the mind and heart of the person and turns into a “disease.” so to speak. After some time the individual attracts so many similar thought and gets stuck into a cycle of repeating the same thoughts over and over again.

    Sadly, all this happens unconsciously.

    In my experience, the only way to get out is to take a conscious effort to put all of our willpower and focus our mind on a single task, a one positive thought such as a goal. That positive thought, if repeated daily, will eventually grow and germinate the same way as the one which caused the depression state. It is not going to be easy, but it will take over the ruling state of the mind of the individual and take over the external life as well.

    The sad thoughts and emotions may attempt to come back. However, once the healthy set becomes strong enough it will be sufficient to block them as well as any other negative set that might try to come in.

    Ultimately, the individual will become a master of his whole state (thoughts, emotions, action). The same way negative thought produced depression, this new state is going to be an effect of the first cause, the one positive thought.

    It is just a habit, and habits have to be developed. Both healthy and bad ones. We get to chose which ones we are going to own.

    As you have said, all it takes is a shift in focus from sun up to sun down. In my experience, having GOLAS is the ultimate solution for depression and any other life misfortune.

    Thank you,

    1. Ivan,

      Wow, you articulated that so effortlessly and beautifully. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m confident your words will help other readers understand how depression manifests and works more easily. For the fellow readers, I do want to emphasize that we must use sound judgement when dealing with depression as it can become chronic and very severe. What we are discussing here is more of a beginning stage and depression state in general. When left untreated, it can become so severe and chronic that you might need intervention with medications and other therapies. Please keep that in mind when reading this article and other people’s comments as your safety is my number one concern. Thanks Ivan again for your beautiful insight!

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